e-Motion Motor Corp. is the exclusive manufacturer's representative for electric vehicle and equipment manufacturers. We are actively building sales and marketing channels for the next generation of trucking, transport and equipment manufacturers.



The Electric Advantage

The electric trucking industry is now at the point where it can deliver lower cost of ownership, greater reliability, lower maintenance costs, more time on the road and better safety than the traditional combustion engine vehicle. Electric now provides both a competitive advantage and significant cost savings.


e-Motion is working with BCIT towards a greener future

As the manufacturer's representative for Envirotech Electric Vehicles Inc., e-Motion Motor Corp. and it's management team has been working closely with BCIT to help develop training tools for the next generation of technicians and mechanics.


Why Now?

In certain jurisdictions, rebate programs exist to stimulate need and entice early adopters. Once the market is established the rebates disappear (think solar power).

Click here for more information about BC's electric vehicle incentives.

We'll even handle the paperwork for you.

Our Trucks

Cutaway Van

Logistics Low Top

Logistics High Top

Urban Truck


eTuatara : The All Electric Expedition Vehicle

The eTuatara is a purpose built electric vehicle with all steel construction and a battery management system designed to out perform the gas engine.

Built to handle the most unforgiving weather and terrain, and then some.

The eTuatara is designed for farmers, hunters and explorers of the wild. Equipped with a front-winch, hydraulic lift deck, and top and front racks, this vehicle will get the job done

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ZeroNox Forklifts

Take your Fleet to the next level with best-in-class battery technology, a results-oriented control system, and a high-performance frame.

Pricing Example

e-Motion Motor Corp. is currently able to offer buyers with both a manufacturer's rebate of $30,000 and, for BC based buyers, a provincial rebate of $20,000.

Manufacturer's rebate
BC Government rebate
Total price

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Prices and BC Rebates

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